The Creation of the World is run by many beliefs. The Western society has two main theories that explain how it was created: the Spiritual way and the Material way.
As for the spiritual trend, Matter results from the Spirit: God (which represent the Spirit) created Heaven and Earth, then the World came into light. Vegetation was next, then the animals, then man came last.This concept is dominated by Heaven and Hell fighting an everlasting war, trying to damn or save our soul.
For the materialist belief, Spirit result from Matter: first there was the Big Bang, then the Galaxies, the stars, the planets, then life, and therefore the spirit, arose in its simplicity evolving toward increasingly more complexity.
Man is first a beast gradually becoming human and creating a spiritual world of his own.
One of the goal of this site is to show that there could be another way. Neither Spirituality, nor Materiality resulted from one another, but emerged together. It first was dominated by spirituality, slowly regressing into first rationalism then into materialism. 
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