Sunday, July 5, 2015

The beast

Our consumer society is like a beast of seven heads (as in the Revelation Book). Each head represents a nation that influenced humanity so it would get to where it is today. 
I believe that those seven kingdoms were : Egypt, Akkad, Babylon, Persia, the Greek world, Rome and the United Kingdom. 
And it eats all the natural resources of our planet. And it shits garbages back to it, piss liquids polluting our streams, lacs and oceans, farts greenhouse gases, and burps radioactive clouds polluting the world durably.  
Yet, someone told me that in reality the beast was something that is found within man himself: the seven great sins. 
But it's not incompatible. After all, this society is only the result of our doing. And our actions are the result of our passions : mainly greed and pride.