Saturday, February 7, 2015

In what world are we living?

We are in the Iron Age. We think, we are evolving, but I believe we are regressing. Actually, we have a tendency to confuse technological evolution with human evolution. We can see how great our technology is, but what about us? We pretend to be civilized, but are we really? And what is to be civilized? I believe that to be civilized is to have a sens of responsibilities and respect to others of course, but also to ourself. It's also to be aware of our actions and to understand who we are. To be aware of what we're doing, the best way is to think of the consequences of our acts, whether they end up with a good or bad outcome. 
We are not civilized, we just pretend to be. The laws and the police force us to be civilized. Do you think, we would still be civilized if law and order were to disappear? 
We are living in the dictatorship of a mercantile society where a man has to pay to pretend to be free. We are living in the tyranny of moderation, politically correctness and softness generated by our surrounding paranoia and exacerbated by the susceptibilities of every body.
Mother nature is dying, eaten by our cupidity for always more wealth. Finally our masters are just a bunch of merchants and usurers who believe they are princes. They want to rule nations as they  rule a company.
Four million years of evolution to become like that ? I feel way more comfortable to believe that we have degenerated into that sorry state.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A strange vision

In November 1994, I became very ill: malaria. (for more detail see here). As I was dying, I had a strange vision, a vision of Paradise. It was a combination of white thick clouds on a blue background. I felt in my body a warm wellbeing. Then, I turned around and saw Hell. It was all black, mixed with red thick clouds (smoke maybe?). In front red, orange or yellow bubbles were floating. I felt a physical pain associated with stress, caused by sensual desire. I could hear a voice in my head explaining to me this vision. Then I was back in my room.
Being that sick, got me into this hallucinogenic state. But, as the doctor, who treated me, told me, I got really close to death. Maybe then, did I have a glimpse of what was Paradise and Hell?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tsunami 5

In the three pictures above, each has two photos. The top photos shows the areas BEFORE the tsunami and the below photos, after. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the tsunami didn't just submerged the coast, the land collapsed as well.
In the last days of my journey, I participated to a festival. It happened in Ofunato, a small coastal town south of the area, I normally operated. As people were struggling in trying to rebuilt their shattered life, a festival was a nice change for them.

This is the place where the festival occurred. There and around
A bunch of us volunteered to help for the development of the festival. We first came to the town, to see what we were supposed to do. They asked us to play one of those puppet characters, as you can see in some big amusement parks.
Finally it was canceled, because the day of the festival was pissing rain, and they didn't want to spoil the outfits.
The next day we came early to help for building tents that would be used as stands, to make podiums and install tables.
All the materials. The green square packs are the tents
When we came the next day, it rained a lot. We did various tasks and one of them was to stand guard in the parking area to help the visitors to park their cars.
But with the rain, the visitors were scarce
Feeling wonderful...
I was cold, wet, and doing nothing did not help to get things better. My chief came and let me go inside to get warm. It was in the place were I tried these funny cartoons characters outfits. I had a nice hot drink. In next room, were a band of shamisen  (a kind of zither) and drum players. They came for a performance and were waiting for their turn. They offered me some drink.