Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wealth and power

We believe that poverty is responsible for the misery of this world. But, i think, it's wealth which is responsible for it. And wealth is the privilege of greed.

Why do you think we have wars, since the beginning of time? Do you think it is for some religious quarrels? No! not even for political ideologies. Those are mere excuses that we use.

We fight for the conquest of territories. And if they are fertile or have natural resources, in short, if they produce wealth, how much more, do we covet them. And that is the second reason for why we make war.

The first reason is power: the privilege of pride. And what is pride? I am the strongest, the most handsome and the cleverest. 

And if I am all this, than my family is the best in the world. This is how we see the rise of familial dynasties whether  royal or merchant.  My town the greatest (this is when you see all this football fans fighting each others over a match), and my region is the most wonderful. 
Next, my country is the greatest (leading to patriotism), my people are the best (leading to xenophobia), my language, my culture and the society we develop are the most wonderful (excuses that the Europeans used to justify their conquest of the rest of the world, and today the West uses to impose its way of life), every body else being just a bunch of savages. Finally my race is the greatest (leading to racism) and the god I believe in is the only true god, all others being fake, leading to intolerance (here we are with the religious cause of war and fanatism. Note that its not the religion, but the pride, that we put into it, that is the culprit).
So what has power to do with pride? Well, if I am the greatest of all, then I am a light that should be followed by everyone else.
Take power and wealth out of this world, and you will take out the two true reasons, in my belief, that men have been fighting for, since the beginning of time. And wars will cease, and crimes will stop, and nature will prevail once more. 

Here is an excellent documentary that has parts that show how much greed and power can screw us up, enjoy :