Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sports and games

I don't like sport. Not the sport we practice ourselves, and that is beneficial for our health, but the sport that we watch in front of our tv. It is part of the vaster network of games.
This is an old adage that the Roman emperors knew of : give the games to the people with a little bit of bred and the people will bow to you. By then, they were talking about the circus games, where the gladiators were slaughtering each other for the pleasure of the spectators. 
Today, they have been replaced by football, tennis, or rugby players, and so many others. 
Our masters have given us the games with a little bit of food, and we bow in front of them. Because a man that is more preoccupied to know who will win the next game season, is not someone who wonders why he is being so screwed by those who rule him.

Here is a good documentary about how much we are being screwed and that has parts that show what my present article means :

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tell me God.

"Tell me God, why is there so much war in this world?"
"Would you like peace and harmony to prevail in this world?"
"Well of course, isn't it what we all want?"
"Maybe you were born in the wrong world. You should have been born in paradise, next to me. Here lies peace and harmony. Where you live, is the Middle Earth, where Heaven and Hell are fighting for your soul, the first to save it and the second to damn it.
And suppose I come down to Earth and impose peace and harmony, don't you think it would be to the expense of your free will? Isn't it what all tyrannic societies try to impose?"
"And what about the natural disasters? Why do you send them on us?'
"I don't. Mother Nature does. She is tired of being reaped apart and devoured by your insatiable voracity"
"Why did you made us so unequal?" 
"I did not, the Devil did"
"What is the Devil, then?"
"It's my dark side. Didn't you know that Heaven and  Hell are the two sides of a same coin?"
"And what is this coin?"
"Man, of course."

Friday, November 28, 2014

Woman and Man

I think the woman is superior to man with some qualities and that man is superior to woman with other qualities and that when they get together they complete each other. But to be able to achieve that they must love one another, and be soul mate.
How do you know when you find your soul mate? Well, first you don't. It takes time to figure it out. Together you build your relationship and when the sex attraction is over, this is when you know, if you want to keep going or not with your partner. 
The relationship then evolve in an understanding of the other,that is beyond words, sometime, even, being able to read each other's mind or having the same thought at the same time, among many other little things.
Fighting is part of the couple, as we don't always adjust to the other, one often trying to dominate the other, but eventually, we adjust to one another and we carry on until death parts us. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In the kingdom of the blinds...

We are living in a world full of blinds, with one eyed men as kings. As for those with their two eyes, they don't don't get directly involved with this world. They prefer to follow their own path in the aim of being free, enlighten.

Monday, November 24, 2014


The western society is dominated by two trends of beliefs, even thought, they are not the only two. 

In the first trend, there are those who believe that the spirit results from matter. They are called the evolutionists with a materialist way of thinking. First, a tiny ball, which contain all the universe principles, explodes as a massive Big Bang. It expands, creating on the way, the galaxies, the suns and the planets. After all the conditions have been set, life (and therefore the spirit) appears under a simple form, evolving toward an increasing complexity.

The second trend believes that matter emanates from the spirit. They are called the creationists with a spiritual way of thinking. First there is God (the pure Spirit) who creates haven and earth, then gives them consistency by calling up the light. The rest follows as described in the Book of Genesis.

Personally, I believe that spirit and matter came together, but that spirituality first predominated, and that we regressed toward materialism.
Can you see the everest?

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Time does not have any existence. It is, before all, a measuring system than man have created in order to compensate for his confused mind. It is related to the motion of things and the people's actions in a irreversible way. It is because everything moves from the infinitely small to the infinitely vast, that time exists. If the electrons would stop their race around the atom's nucleus and if the planets would alt their race around their suns, don't you think time would cease? 
The future does not exist yet, only in prognostics or divination art and can be changed. The past does not exist anymore only in our memory and the traces that it leaves are the result of collision or the action of beings. And it ends up being forgotten or erased as time goes by. Only the present exist.